How To Listen
Our website should display correctly on most devices (mobiles, tablets and computers), most platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux) and most browsers. If the audio doesn't work, or images / text don't display properly, you're probably using a browser which needs updating. We recommend Opera because it's nicely designed, has ad protection, and is European. There's also the ubiquitous Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for those who don't mind the U.S. giants watching them and following them everywhere, and Epic for greater security and privacy with its built-in VPN. They also all work well on Android mobiles, but Opera has a particularly impressive look and feel.

Can I Listen via 3rd-Party Apps/Sites?
You can, but we'd ask you to avoid it if possible. Sites like TuneIn, Audials, vTuner, etc, purport to be a 'service', but they are actually 'parasites' who relay streams without payment, and then sell music based on the song lists from stations' output. For this reason, we no longer include the artist and song in our stream metadata, but it's always available here.
On the move (car, bus, train)
Using your smartphone or other device, you can listen via this website, which automatically becomes a mobile-friendly page on phones and tablets. Audio streams only use a modest amount of data, but ensure your mobile package includes enough. In the car, plug the audio into the auxiliary socket and you'll be impressed by our sound quality. It's much better than DAB radio stations!

At home with an Internet Radio
If you have Broadband and WiFi, you can listen to 2XS without using your PC, just like with FM (or DAB, which just sounds awful). There are loads of excellent all-rounders with coverage of all bands: Internet, FM & DAB. Be aware of devices branded as 'digital radio' as they often only have DAB - make sure it also has 'Internet Radio'.

At home with a PC
Just listen with the 'Play' link at the top of this page. If you prefer, you can also use standalone players like MusicBee, VLC, iTunes, Foobar2000, Windows Media, etc, by selecting the link below. Save for future listening by right-clicking and choosing <Save link as>.

Don't forget to connect the audio output of your device to your stereo system to hear us in superb near-cd quality. You'll probably need a "3.5mm minijack-to-phono (RCA)" cable.