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About us

We're back! After championing the best rock and New Music continuously since 2002, we were thwarted by the UK royalty bodies at the end of 2017. Now, thanks to the help of authorities and supporters in Europe, we've returned - rockin' more than ever before! See the current New Music Playlist here.

This is how we Rock (& Roll!)...

Indie, alt-rock

Classic rock

New music

Rockin' soul

Soft rock, singer/songwriters, 60s soul & R&B (The Lounge, Sundays 06:00-12:00)


It's what we do: indie, alt-rock, classic rock, new music, rockin' soul, 24/7...

Every night from 00:00-06:00: the long tracks other stations never play, in...

Saturdays 06:00-24:00: music every hour by our many...

Sundays 06:00-12:00: soft rock, ballads, blues, jazz, singer/songwriters in...


eMail: studio<at>

Voice-mail: +44 200 888 0297

Sending us music? We get 100s of music emails plus dozens of CDs every week, and we have to be streamlined in how we deal with them. To help you to get your music to us, we have prepared a short guide. Please download and read this pdf, and read the included "Conditions for Music Submissions". By sending any music or other materials to us, you are expressly agreeing to the Terms contained therein.

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