About Us
Hi, I'm Jeff Cooper and I started 2XS Rocks (then called 'radio2XS') with several other experienced broadcasters and committed music fans back in 2002. I had previously run the radio shows '2XS, and 'XS'. Read our full history here.

Our passionate interest in New Music, our exclusive live recordings (the 'Barn Sessions') and our knowledge of "60 Years Of Rock & Roll" have helped us to create a radio station with a worldwide fan-base. We remain fiercely independent, resisting many attempts at take-overs, and we are serviced directly by all major record labels, promoters and bands in the UK, the USA and around the world.

In a band?
Details of how to get played are here.

What do we play?

We select music which we believe is a greater reflection of the past 60 Years Of Rock & Roll than you will hear anywhere else. We all have backgrounds in music radio and we believe in the music we play - which is extremely rare elsewhere in radio these days. We think of ourselves less as a 'rock' station and more a 'rock & roll' station. Our tastes are pretty catholic but guitar-based music accounts for around 80% of what we play, with the remainder coming from other heritage styles which it has absorbed. So, you'll hear some country-rock, but not country & western; you'll hear real soul and r&b from the 50s, 60s and 70s, but not today's synthetic 'urban' version; you'll hear some ska, bluebeat and reggae but not dancehall; pioneer rappers and poets like Grandmaster Flash, Linton Kwesi-Johnson and Gil Scott-Heron, but no gangsta... you get what we mean!