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2XS Rocks

To Tune In, please use the button at the top left. You can follow what's playing in real-time here; you can buy any song by clicking the shopping cart icon; and you can vote any song 'up' or 'down', too.

Tune in with the Music icon above. You can follow what's playing in real-time here, you can buy any song by clicking the shopping cart icon - and vote yes or no for the song, too!

About us

We're back! After championing the best rock and New Music continuously since 2002, we were thwarted by the UK royalty bodies at the end of 2017. Now, thanks to the help and 'can do' attitude of authorities and supporters in The Netherlands, we've returned - rockin' more than ever before!

This is how we roll...

Classic Guitar Rock

New Music


Rockin' Soul

Rockin' Easy (Sunday mornings)


Classic rock, indie/alternative, new music, and live sessions, 24/7, it's what we do...

Coming soon: every night from 00:00-06:00, the long tracks other stations never play, in...

Coming soon: Saturdays 06:00-24:00, two songs every hour by one of our ...

Coming soon: Sundays 06:00-12:00, soft rock, ballads, blues, jazz, singer/ songwriters in...

Let's connect

Holland: studio<at>2xsrocks.nl

England: studio<at>2xs.rocks

Voice-mail: +44 200 888 0297

If you sign up for our Mailing List, you'll get advance info about our New Music Playlist as it's released, plus exclusive competitions, giveaways, etc. Can you resist?!

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If you'd like to help cover our substantial royalty costs, please do - even the price of a coffee would be good!
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