It's what we do: Classic rock, live sessions, and a sprinking of New Music, 24/7. Coming soon... Every night from 00:00-06:00, the long tracks other stations never play.
Coming soon... Saturdays 06:00-24:00, two songs every hour by one of our Legends Of Rock. Coming soon... Sundays 06:00-12:00, soft rock, ballads, blues, jazz, singer/ songwriters, blues.

Hi, I'm Jeff Cooper and I started 2XS Rocks! with several other experienced broadcasters and committed music fans back in 2002.

Our passionate interest in music, our exclusive live recordings, and our love of '60 Years Of Rock & Roll' have helped us to create a radio station with a worldwide fan-base. We are serviced directly by all major record labels, promoters and bands in the UK, the USA and the rest of the world. All the music we play is supplied to us by them: we do not search for material, nor do we 'steal' it!

On 2XS Rocks!, you'll hear classic and modern rock, indie/alternative and 60s rock & roll. From the day we started, we have also been enthusiastic about New Music, expecially music produced by unsigned artists, and we are always keen to hear new material. Details of how to get that to us are here.

Email us here:

You can leave a message on this number:

(UK): 0200 888 0 297
(Int'l): +44 200 888 0 297

UK calls are free within "inclusive call" packages.

We get 100s of music emails plus dozens of CDs every week, so we've prepared a short guide!

Please download this pdf, and read the included 'Conditions for Music Submissions'. By sending any music or other materials to 2XS, you are expressly agreeing to the Terms contained therein - none of which affects the ownership of your music.

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2XS Rocks! has been Listener Supported since 2002, so we have been able to ensure that more credible music is available to radio listeners. We always include new artists amongst established names which stops them being 'ghetto-ised' in specialist shows.

We believe that music radio should be free at the point of use, so we don't charge a subscription fee to listen. In return, we ask you to help us to stay independent, by contributing to our running costs (which are primarily copyright payments). Maybe you could keep us going with a one-off or recurring donation via Paypal? You don't need a Paypal account to do thisand just a £3 cup of coffee would be appreciated!

The massive royalty fees imposed on Internet Radio in the UK have constricted what would, by now, have been a viable, successful industry. Instead, the field is once again left open to the BBC and its £4 billion p.a. (yes, really!) income.
We have a lot of operational costs for this service and spend a lot of time to keep it working. Your donation makes this possible, so thanks for that. We'd like to try and keep 2XS Rocks! running without any annoying advertisements, just by voluntary donations - and that would be so awesome!

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Just so you know: all income is spent on royalty payments, studio maintenance and software upgrades - and coffee! No-one gets paid.